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Insufficient visibility is the main problem nighttime driving. Statistics shows us the risk of accidents in the dark is 6 times higher.

Whilee oncoming traffic on the road, as well as in settlements, we are forced to move with low beam headlights which significantly reduces possible visibility. If the driver does not have a complete consistant image of the traffic situation on the course of movement, there is a high chance of an accident.
System gives you the time to assess the traffic situation and the reaction is increased several times, which greatly reduces the risk of night driving.
IRWAY in action
Headlamp and images from system compared side by side
With the help of our patented technology regular headlights of the car generate infrared radiation which is recorded by the night vision camera. The signal from the camera is transmitted to the LCD monitor installed on the driver's dashboard or to the standard car monitor. The image can be displayed by projected on the windshield of the car. Looking at the image from the system the driver does not take his eyes off the road! The scale of objects you see on image matches to what the driver sees through the windshield.
Always in sight.
A significant problem of existing night vision systems is inconvenient to use the output location of the video picture and its low quality. The picture from the system should always be in the area of attention, but do not block the view. What solution do we offer?
IRWAY projection
We present to your attention the solution from IRWAY-projection in scale 1: 1, displayed on the windshield.
Always in sight, you'll get used in up to 1 day and will not want to come back.
Due to the selected scale - the size of visible cars and objects corresponds to the real one, you can successfully determine the distance to the object and the way out of a dangerous situation without any skills.
Thanks to a clear, bright and "fast" image with a refresh rate of 25 frames per second, there are no problems with the detection of any objects on the way.
It is easier to see once
Installation of night vision system is not more difficult to install the radio and does not violate the warranty of the car
All the assembly components have passed the toughest selection among the equipment of this kind, tested and are still undergoing constant tests on various cars for 3. We are confident in the quality and reliability of the IRWAY system.
At the moment, there is no alternative to the IRWAY system in terms of REFRESH RATE, RESOLUTION & RANGE of visibility.
Also the system CANNOT BE BLINDED by incoming lights
Comparison with existing nightvision systems
At the moment, night vision systems can be installed on some premium cars as a factory option. Let's consider the difference between the existing systems on the market and IRWAY
Active system (IR camera)
Mercedes-Benz, Toyota
Visibility up to 150m

Resolution up to 480p

15 frames per second

Black and white picture

The image is displayed on the monitor

Illumination from oncoming headlights

Available only for certain models
Passive system
(thermal imager)
Honda, Audi, BMW, GM
Cold objects are not visible

The thermal imager must be placed
outside, does not "see" through the glass, quickly becomes dirty

360p resolution

~10 frames per second

Black and white picture

The image is displayed on the monitor

Boxed version for any equipment