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Night Vision. For vehicles

A whole new level of driving experience. See up to 5 times more in the dark
Does not violate the warranty of the car
IRway & headlights
Side by side comparison visibility of nighttime driving using headlights and IRway night vision system.
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IRWAY night vision system

*Get in touch for shipping details and payment information
IRWAY night vision system
*Get in touch for shipping details and payment information

Steps ahead of everyone with IRWAY

Drive safely
You have few additional very important seconds to assess the situation on the road and react properly. First of all this Is your's and other's safety
HQ image
Our camera provides colorful high quality nighttime images with minimal delay and high resolution
Easy to use
The image scaled 1: 1 with visible objects can be displayed on the monitor of your car (or the one comes with the system if you choose that option) or projected on the windshield.
Our system costs sever times less than existing analogues on market
Can be easily instlled on any vehicle. Detailed instructions are attached.
The system doesn't affect your car warranty.
System itself is warrantied for 1 year.

IRWAY on the road


The winner of the federal accelerator of technological projects GenerationS-2017 (1st place - track Dual Technologies), the final of which took place in late March - early April 2018 in Moscow


Why do i REALLY NEED a system when there is a high beam
Even compared to high beam you will get a major boost in visibility. You will have much more time to react to any obstacle.
HOW does the whole system work
Backlight and Infrared camera . More details can be found in the "About" section.
What IS a projection. How does it work
The image from the monitor is displayed on the windshield at a scale of 1: 1. Click here for more info
Will it FIT inside my car
The system is compatible with all the types of vehicles. Contact us find out the best fitting equipment.
Is there a WARRANTY
Our system comes with a 1-year warranty
How do i manage to install the system? Is it EASY
Installation is as simple as installing car audio. The system comes with detailed instructions and easy-to-use.
Is the system USEFUL during the day
During daytime the system performs the function of an overtaking camera giving an overview from the passenger side. Convenient in traffic jams. The system can be connected to the DVR or rear view camera.
What is so UNIQUE about IRWAY
Similar systems with IR cameras get dazzled by the headlights of oncoming traffic. The IRWAY system provides a clear, colorful image in real time, allowing you to instantly assess the situation on the night road and make a safe maneuver.
Why dont you use thermal VISION
A thermal imaging camera does not "see" cold objects (beam road, stone, etc.), has low quality picture. Also it is impossible to hide from the mud over the windshield - where it sees nothing. And it is way more expensive.

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